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Electronic cigarettes are not a new concept, but yes there are thousands of brands entering the market on daily basis. One such brand that has taken the smoking enthusiasts by surprise is south beach smoke. If you are apprehensive that does south beach smoke work or not, you can shun away all your doubts and place an order for this impressive product with immediate effect. South beach smoke does not contain tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide, which means that you are not doing any harm to yourself and others while inhaling it. 

As no flame is involved, no one is at risk and more so you can inhale it at the public places too. South beach smoke has arrived with a revolutionary battery technology, SuperMax. This technology enables you to enjoy the south beach smoke electronic cigarette the whole day with a single time recharge. This new battery has not only improved the performance of this electronic cigarette but has also added to the flavor and vapor support. 

An indicator light is present that will start giving you a warning that you have smoked excessively. The standard battery of this south beach electronic cigarette promises you around 300 puffs which are considered to be a good volume as far as the other e-cigs present in the market are concerned. A LED crystal is present at the end of the battery that provides you with an indication that you are inhaling the vapor, thus giving you a real smoke like experience.

It would not take you more than an hour to recharge the south beach smoke electronic cigarette completely. There are two different switch options present, automatic and manual. It depends on the user what kind of smoking experience that he or she is looking in for and then the mode can be chosen.